Friday, December 11, 2015


I was out with the Pentax P30. That's a camera for the non-specific blog flaneur. An oldish camera I might add - but it does look like a proper camera. And it has a 'P' setting which I have never used. I'm a 'proper' snapping photographer you know so I don't use that setting. I like to use me 'ead a bit and twiddle the knobs on the camera me self. The exposure thing works but the indicators are less than perfect so I decided to use 'P'. That turns the camera into a point, focus and shoot camera. I thought I could just about handle that. Only I can't so well. The focus thing is not so easy now my eyes are less than 20/20. I really do require to use AF sadly. Now worries, I do have a AF camera - I just prefer not to be seen wit it!

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gz said...

those patterns are fascinating..ever changing