Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Going Large

 In the unexpected but lovely sunshine the other day I ventured forth with Lord Toots and his largest imaging device. This is the venerable Burke & James 8x10 camera. I'm not altogether sure why his Lordship took this particular beast out - maybe it was the stretch my arms as I helped carry the thing along with it's heavy tripod and dark-slides dodging the curious sheeps on the machair next to his wee housey . Of course the wind got up. Of course it was freezing cold so there was only time for two sheets of film to be exposed before I was all cryoed up.

Oh yes, Lord Toots enjoyed him self - doing the process, hiding under his black hanky and letting me, yes little old me, press the shutter to take the snap. Eh?

I had time to shoot these two snaps off on HP5 which for some unremembered reason, rated at 800asa.

I await with baited patience for Lord Toots' images.

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