Thursday, January 28, 2016


I go up to 5x7 although with paper neg and a borrowed camera I did 8x10 for a few weeks. Not my thing really.
The 5x7 [actually 13x18] I have is an old shutterless FKD with paper bellows brought back by a pal from the East. It's a beast to be honest and I rarely take it for out to play. However, I do have some Shanghai 5x7 negs so I got out my craft knife and gaffer tape and built my own 5x7 pinhole camera with fibreboard. Obviously, the pinhole is rather special, fashioned by me in some tin-foil with a pin but, it seems ok.

It was raining - just for a change - so I shot through the kitchen window, developed the neg in PQ, and contact printed it onto FOMA MG - with lith chems. Because I can.

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