Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Move right along there, there's nothing to see

Did I tell you?
No, well here it is, the little tripette we took to Harris with The Visitors. I say we but I meant I as Eve was earning a crust.
Nothing to see there obviously but The Visitors wanted to go. We went in a minor hoolie, we saw and we punctured the newest tyre on the car! [I shan't tell you where we hit the debris in the road since if you knew where Maclennan's yard was you might jump to conclusions]  Botheration! Victor gallantly changed the tyre while a helpful Hearach appeared to offer his help too.

It's only a hop skip and a jump to Harris - past the new Harris Distillery in Tarbet and off down the Golden Road. Nothing to see there -other than a most wonderful landscape, a road like no other and wind. And rain. Yea, It rained.

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gz said...

a rather breathtaking sort of nothing....and thanks for indulging us and caring for us