Monday, January 11, 2016

Out with the old

With the mild weather we have been having of late, it is the time of year to make use of the beaches. Maybe a stroll on the machair or even a picnic.

There's three beaches round the village but mostly we and others prefer Garry beach. We went down as one does, suitably dressed for the occasion.

AS for the snaps, I might add it was a tad breezy hence the less then sharp images as I struggled to keep the camera still. I shot off a  roll of Fomapan200, shot it at 800asa and developed in DDX. It works!


Michael McNeill said...

That's my sort of picnic. Memorable.

Graham Edwards said...

I got too used to barbies in NZ and the cold really doesn't do it for me any more. When I think of all the picnics we had with the children on Garry Beach all those years ago. Ah memories. I still wander down there through the sea caves though.