Friday, January 15, 2016

Yesterday and everything

Some sort of white cold stuff and lay about all crisp and uneven that morning. Might have been hail or snail or snow but since my Eskimo-like terms from the white stuff is rather limited you can take your choice from those three terms.

The light drew me out round the village for a stroll brandishing the little Perkeo to finish off the roll of Tmax400 that lurked within. A perfect camera for a lovely day. The sun shone a bit too - glowing on the white stuff and dazzling the geese flying over.

You may have seen the place in the first snap. The bus stop was still there - and will be despite whatever storms or nuclear devastations are bestowed upon it. The second snap scene caught my eye as the sun lit up the coast betweens the houses. Nice eh?


Graham Edwards said...

Oh the controversy those bus stops caused!

Anonymous said...

Do tell Graham

Graham Edwards said...

Do tell Graham what?


The design and construction was controversial. The idea was good: they protect you from the wind and rain whatever the direction and are self cleaning of sheep droppings by the said wind and rain (the sheep also realised that they provided shelter). They could also be built by communities themselves if they so wished.They were vandal proof (apart from graffiti which actually doesn't seem to have been a problem and indestructible. However they were regarded as being very ugly and expensive for the Council to build. Now we have the usual polycarbonate and steel ones all over the place with all their advantages and disadvantages instead..