Thursday, February 18, 2016

A "selfie" portrait

Is this a 'selfie' I hear people talking about? I took wif me own camera [6x9 Agfa Record], using me own fair hand. Developed jt too and scanned it. Must be a selfie.
See how much I have aged since the last one I took. I must have put on weight and have more wrinkles.

Did all this before strolling out round the village in the sunshine just after the shower of snow and no doubt before rain again. The pleasure was all mine. The sheeps are looking big, the fields wet and the houses battered from the winter storms. I had a camera with film in my bag and a smartish phone in my pocket and neither came out to capture the likes of the day. I wanted to remember this stroll in my mind alone.


Dave said...

Nice tone, very restfull.

Michael McNeill said...

I like all the prints on the wall - different shapes, sizes, frames...just right.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Looks like a selfie as good as any other to me!

Sophie said...

It seems like you are disappearing to the future. :)