Saturday, February 27, 2016

Do bother me when the sun shines

I seem to spend an inordinate part of my life on my lonesome during the day. HHHCB keeps me entertained/annoyed as she taunts me each day. But I do get to see The Crofter from time to time - especially when the sun shines like this recent morning. After a light dusting of snow the land looked wonderful and the sky sublime. I couldn't resist a stroll to see the Crofter, point a camera in his general direction and gaze o'er to the mainland 40 miles away.

The film is the FOMA retro 320 but shot at 640asa and developed in the specialist developer. Not bad at all.
Soon, dearest Eve will be home from work again and all will be well.

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ADRIAN said...

You are getting your share of snow this year.