Monday, March 07, 2016


I have been running this little blogette for a while. Since 2006 since you ask. Fairly regularly as I always feel a blog is only worth having at all if it is updated from time to time. And I do try to do that.

Only, yesterday I was looking through some of my blog links and find that some of them have 'retired' and others have just stalled - for years at a time. So I have been thinning the links out a bit. So, if you think I have removed something wrongly, please mention it and do suggest other film photo blogs.

We went down to the wee boatee on Sunday and then out to Freyja our little yacht to remove the mainsail so we can mend it. This rib was out on the water apparently. Admiral Hales said he saw it go out with some 'customers' aboard - in between the snow showers.

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