Thursday, March 03, 2016

Did I tell you it's been a bit chily?

I was wondering why my front lights seemed a bit dim but when I got into town, I found out why!

In fact one night it was so cold the harbour froze. Eve used her bromstick to break the ice to get the blow-up through. See here.


Roy Karlsvik said...

I hope you stay inside and having the fire lit on days like these?! Unless you have to use the car, of course. I know very well the trouble with the lights, by the way, AND the fact that when you finally got a good temperature inside the box on wheels you will end up having all the snow that used to lay on top of the roof sliding down the windscreen just around the first or second roundabout when you get a bit closer to town. That's life over here, anyway.

Michael McNeill said...

Well done you (both) for getting out on the water at this time of year.