Wednesday, March 16, 2016

See what happens

When you have a day off, sometime it does the world of good. See this here snapette, it arrived in my lens on that day off. Nice eh?

The lens was attached to a Minolta 505si, £9 of goodness. The film; Ilford FP4 doused in the Rodinal.
Like it?


Roy Karlsvik said...

It's absolutely great...!! And with any Minolta nothing much could ever go wrong either?! They are great things, capable of whatever you may throw against them. Not that I know lots about the matter, because I own only a small and tiny one of the brand, but that's a keeper as well. A nice carscape it is for sure. £9 well spent!!

Michael McNeill said...

I like it.

gz said...

stilled movement

John said...

Top gear!