Saturday, March 26, 2016


There you are, another unremarkable snap. Taken at Gress here on the island. The point of showing you this is that the film is Foma Retropan 320 @640 and [slightly over] developed in their special developer.
Yesterday, it came to pass I listened to a bit of music in the dampish darkish room, shone a light through the neg onto some old but nice 5x7 Forte Fortezzo paper. I rather like the effect.

I've never really settled on one film or developer for that matter. I like messing. Not sure why I wanted to try this film - perhaps it was because I could. So I did. It's ok.

I much prefer foma200 to be honest - and any of the Ilford films. But when I made my short trip into the darkish damproom I contact printed a couple of the exposed glass plates given to me recently by the lovely and talented Kate Ferris. The prints are drying. You may see them sometime.

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Graham Edwards said...

It is so long since I did my own developing and printing that almost everything in that post required me to be at least 18" taller. However I did use glass plates once upon a time (I had a splendid HUGE plate box camera which stored about 6 or 8 plates inside and you dropped them down with a lever) and I think I still have my Dad's Zeis Ikon plate camera but no plates and, to be honest, I'm too lazy to use it even if I have. I agree about Kate. Must meet up some time. I'll be hors de combat fro a while from 10 April when a new knee is due to be installed in my leg (well, one of my legs anyway).