Tuesday, March 01, 2016

You might like to

You might like to stroll along here, the back of Traigh Mhor down North Tolsta way. That way; if you can imagine where I'm pointing. You'd be strolling along the back of the beach behind the ever-eroding dunes, wind whipping your hat off.

Not yesterday though. Yesterday the breeze at force 9 came for a little play creating turmoil in the sea and ignoring the shelter that the little hills usually give you from the wind just here. A return to the winter 'normality' after weekend of sunshine. Cold sunshine but sunshine and calmness all the same.

I was lucky this day. This day the sun shone and everything as I had the little Pentax Espio Mini with me - a  camera fast becoming a favorite. Loaded with Foma200 which I later doused in homemade [by Mr Toots] ID11 1+3. Nice

1 comment:

Roy Karlsvik said...

Very nice, indeed!
And oh, I sure would love a walk into any direction out there. It looks great!