Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fine day

Sorry, just a phone snap of the print - which I really like. I mean, REALLY LIKE. It's a tulip - or was anyway. Taken on medium format with some close-up lens held in front of the lens.

The day started with a couple of hours in the darkroom - knocking out a few of these prints. What fun I had. Then in the evening we were off with our good pal Catherine to the Mission House Studio in Harris for a wonderful musical soiree with the Red Note Ensemble and Kuljit Bhamra. Not sure why they come over here to play but I am so very pleased they do. Make a point of thanking them for coming every time.

Contemporary is where it's at. I thought I heard essence of Mahavishnu, Kronos, Eberhard Weber and Sabba the cat on a flying carpet between Harris and Morroco. It was so very lovely.

The hosts were perfect, the venue too not forgetting the terrific minstrels.

Thank you, thank you.


Harvey said...

Now that is a very fine day.

Roy Karlsvik said...

No wonder you like it. Looks great from here as well.
I like the grain, and the close appearance of the flower itself.