Monday, April 18, 2016

I think it may have been stuck

I was out over Callanish by the pier which is at the end of the little road that goes on from the stones car-park. I was minding my own business holding a camera like I do. Digesting the scooone and jam I'd had earlier in the visitor centre don't you know. The scooone was a little dry as it happens but the jam was ok, Once I'd wrestled the little packet open that is. The coffee was fine.

I'd gone there for a little change of scenery without a long drive. I like to look at what some areas call Grockles. They are here you know, camper vans and coaches, in cars too. Looking, drinking coffee, that sort of thing. They look a bit like the ones that were here last year too - although I suspect they aren't the same ones. If they had to pay the hotel prices my employer paid for me on a recent work trip to the southern isles up here, they wouldn't come again that's for sure. I didn't even have any hot water in the room I stayed in.

Anyway, there I was, colour film loaded in whatever camera I had with me - and it was a nice one, when this boat from from,,,, no I shan't tell you. This boat came in ever so slowly against the rapidly falling tide that was rushing out of here then stopped. Just there. It's not where I'd have stopped but I suspect there may not have been enough water to go any further. Why did they go there? No idea.


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gz said...

perhaps the alternative was worse?
say hello to the stones for us