Saturday, April 09, 2016

I've built a rodney for my own bac

Ever day or at least 'almost' every day I get to post a snap. Good or bad, thoughtful or not, I have felt [note past tense here] that I needed to ad something to keep me amused. Well, I think I may have come to the point where I have lost my amusementitis. I've been thinking about the point of it all, the commitment and everything and maybe have thought about considering the possibility of a change of mind.

I mean, I went out especially to have a cup of tea and a scooone [with butter and raspberry jam] so that I would be in a requisite place to finish off a roll in the pinhole camera. It's a pinhole camera I threw together years ago and I think it's falling apart to be honest. The snaps I took yesterday have 'ghosts' and leaks on them. Still, the scooone was ok.

That's what happens when you feel the need to shoot all the time. I don't have time to visit the darkroom so much either. It will have to change. I may just have to miss a day or two from time to time.

You won't mind will you?
You will come and visit again won't you?
Pretty please.


Roy Karlsvik said...

I know the feeling, and yes I do! Will come and visit whenever you got something to say, or show... You posts will still pop up here, so no worries.
And hey, do drop by and have a nice read over here whenever you feel the urge, or whatever you may call it.
And as always, I really love your snaps and how you puts one strange word after the other strange word. I love this blog, and can't help it very much.

Michael McNeill said...

To mis-quote: Post and they will read. Well, I will anyway.

Anonymous said...

aw gee from down under

steve said...

The pic looks great.

Graham Edwards said...

That particular pic speaks to me and I like it. As for posting every day I wouldn't worry. We will be here to watch out for your photos. We may miss the occasional one but when we see another we will go back and see what we've missed. Be happy whatever you decide.