Friday, April 01, 2016

The man who forgot how to smile

This is the one. I think he has wind here. Can't be a smile surely?

Mind you, it does look like I have glazed his face with a blowtorch. Not sure how that happened. Doesn't matter though as the 'smile' is about unrealistic as the 'tan'.

We'd been out playing with Mr Toots' 8x10. This is my start to my project "On the Edge; faces doing what they don't usually do". What do you reckon, a good start?


Roy Karlsvik said...

It's a great start for sure, Andrea. Sounds like a fun project I must say. That 8x10 must be a bit more fun to play with than have to move around, but then again it's not exactly built for pocket use.
Just a sec, and I will have the popcorn ready for the next post :)

Graham Edwards said...

Hardly recognisable from the usual, shall we say sombre, disposition. Perhaps Mr Wilson is sitting on something unusual or were you wearing a bunny suit?

Michael McNeill said...

That's a lovely shot - the lighting on his face is really very good.