Sunday, May 29, 2016

Polypan-f and the seeker of the "truth"

In my film-fridge in the darkishroom - a fridge not made of film but rather storing some whilst the outside of the fridge less than slowly rusts away - I have a few cans of Polypan-f. I bought the stuff when I had a rush of blood to the head. Here was a film costing about 20p a roll of 36 once I'd decanted it from the 100m roll. Sure it was meant to be slow - 50asa - but it could be up-rated. Sure it had no anti-halation layer but I could live with that as we have few bright sunny days to be honest. I could use it for my Futurist snaps I like to do - perfect! And it is for that. But I have just finished my Foma200 film I rather like and need some 100asa type film for a little sojourn I'm about to take.

Sure I have a few rolls of Foma100 in 120 for the 6x6 I'm taking with me. However, I'm thinking of the 35mm I'm hooked on at the moment. So, I shot some Polypan-f again in the 35mm RF camera I have and sloshed it [again] in PQ paper developer 1:10 this time though at merely 2mins. EH?

Well, it does work quite nicely, as long as one keeps away from bright sunshine. That's usually quite easy here. See the snap of The Straight where local tearaways test the speed of their vehicles whilst the rest of us keep out their way.

Truth? No such thing is possible.


Graham Edwards said...

A road a deal faster than the speed of the film!

Roy Karlsvik said...

I rather like your polypan-f snaps a lot. As long as it's used with the knowledge you seem to own about the stuff it sure looks good to me. The fomapan films are great for sure, and seems to fit quite nicely inside my RF cameras anyway. I used one of them yesterday, but I think there was american film inside it at that point. Sometimes I like that film a lot, and sometimes not at all. Love and hate relationship, you know...