Thursday, May 26, 2016

Rock in a hard but lovely place

I don't think I mentioned that I had a day out with a camera - and Toots. I like to get Mr Toots out of his chair into the fresh air, usually under the guise of taking some snaps and a cream tea. Only we didn't have a cream tea but a fine scone with Jam at Ravenspoint down south Lochs way. Lovely welcome from the staff on my yearly visit to the cafe too, fair made my day I can tell you.

It's a lovely area is South Lochs and Toots like the sunshine with fluffy clouds to snap up. The sun was there although the clouds weren't. Still, Toots did stagger out of the car seat a couple of times to register an image on his camera film.

I staggered around a little too while Toots was sizing the site up, I usually managed to shoot off half a roll - like this rock in a hard place. I rather like the square format you know.

1 comment:

Roy Karlsvik said...

I could easily live there, between that Rock and the hard place :)
It's a beautiful terrain and such over there for sure. Fits the square format and everything, which would suit me fine enough :)