Sunday, June 26, 2016

Off his brisxit

Totally off his brisxit to be honest.
Cycling event and everything. Sort of a cross between Glastonbury, the 1950s and cycling. Why? Because we can I suppose.

The cycling was great, the meeting of pals too. The rest? Well, the least said the better I think.
Mud; eh?

Mad seeing all those bikes, tandems and trikes posing around the countryside. Not sure about all the dressing up though. What's all that about then?

We are back anyway. Lovely time off island - boating, seeing family, camping, cycling and taking snaps. You might just get to see a few.
Sorry and everything.

Please save me from the whole EU thing. I'm sick of it.


astrobeck said...

You are welcome to come to my place. It's calm and quiet mostly. HRHHCB is welcome too.

Andrea Ingram said...


Graham Edwards said...

That EU thing? Something happened?