Saturday, July 16, 2016


Now that's a gaff.

A Wherrry apparently. A Norfolk Wherry to be precise.  Big, impressive and floating on the Broads with some nicely eccentric and helpful elves on board.

There was meant to be a few gaffs bobbing round the outer harbour today and some other sailing craft shooting off round a course in The Minch. Only, the weather has gone orf - so it's not on today. Probably.

More of that colour film stuff. Probably the pentax espio mini.


Graham Edwards said...

Yes. I don't think gaffs are really heavy sea craft.

Roy Karlsvik said...

That's a gaff for sure! And a nice one it is.
I got one myself as well, though the hull itself is of a bit different looking than this one. And yes, it's a vessel for heavy seas for sure.