Thursday, July 14, 2016

Guilty !

Caught red-pawed and everything!

As it happens I was lucky, Came across the dog trials on the way home from the southern isles and a bit of work. "They" seem to keep these things quiet for some reason - bit like the Tolsta witches trials. Still, I snook in the field armed to the teeth with my cameras and film. Wandered around but it was soon very obvious that the dogs were in the main GUILTY.

Saw them with my own poor dim eyes running this way and that after some sheeps, hiding in the grass sometimes and even when humans blowed a whistle or shouted at them. Made no difference the dogs still chased the sheeps into the pen!

I took a couple of snaps for documentary evidence [albeit shooting Tmax400 @ 100 by mistake in the Bronica] and crept away.


Ah ha! Now they can't deny it. I have snapped them up - through the hoardes who were watching.

The peeps crowded round so I couldn't see the court.

But I snuck through.

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