Saturday, August 20, 2016


In our insatiable search for oil, huge constructions get towed around the place. Recently, you may know, an old rig on it's way to be cut up in Malta went aground on the west coast of the island. Only 53,000 gals of oil has escaped - so far and the thing is still stuck there.

Now artists such as Alex Boyd and John Maher have trekked over the hills to photograph the wreck. I haven't. You are not meant to either. The road to the beach where the rig is located is closed by the police and there are notices all over that side of the island forbidding one to go there.

 To be totally frank, I'm not sure the sheeps can read that notice stuck to a rickety gate down the west side somewhere. It hardly registered on my Polypan-f film in my Zorki6.

The up-side is that we now have more tug boats and salvage related boats in Stormaway harbour than cruise ships for a change. I snapped this snap from our wee boatee Freyja while out for a sail the other day using a little Pentax Espio P&S and good old Polypan-f film zapped in PQ developer.


John Maher said...

Steady on ;-)

Roy Karlsvik said...

So, you got the harbour full of norwegians I guess?! The Olympic one is from a small town very close to where I live, but then again they should be there to clean up the mess caused by their fellow countrymen when they run that big thing ashore on your lovely island. I must say I sent you a well meant thought the night I heard the news... Sad stuff, I must say.