Sunday, August 14, 2016

I don't know why I used the 50mm

Perhaps it was because that's the only lens I have for the Hassie and the Hassie was what I had with me. There was foma100 loaded and partially used too so it was hand held and very slow speed. Not the most obvious choice to be honest but I new the lovely Joanna is very photogenic whatever I did. And so it proved - although somewhow the lens distortion and movement doesn't do Joanna justice.

I shall miss Joanna when she goes. She's almost gone off the rock already as it happens - even though I didn't really see much of her while she was here. But somehow, just somehow she has made a lovely and hefty positive impact on Eve and my lives.

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ADRIAN said...

It looks fine but was brave. I'd have been at three times that focal length for a portrait but then I don't have a Blad or any lenses for one.