Saturday, August 06, 2016

I like Carloway Show

It didn't rain much this year. Mind you I haven't been for a few years and it might have been bright sunshine those years. The sheeps seemed to enjoy the trip out - new view and everything. People looking - stars of the show pretty well I suppose. Apart from the horses, the coows, the dogs and the high jump. Oh yes, lets not forget the high jump. I missed the high jump. Too concentrated on the pillow fight.
 I knew it was a day. a day for a few snaps and all that so I took my second best Kodak Cresta II to play with. It seemed the right tool for all this innocent fun.
There was a man there too. Some sort of important or, once important or once self-important man in a kilt. He spoke a bit, told a few tales and declared the show open. The rain then came down. But this man stood there waiting for someone to talk to. Only they didn't talk to him. Sad. No idea who he might have been. He didn't even smile at the Kodak Cresta II.

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