Friday, August 12, 2016


Had a fine morning this morning - despite having to get out of bed after a less than restful slumber last night. I blame the GB cyclists in Rio who over excited my brain cells last evening racing round at breakneck speed and really fedding up Mr Bauge. Again.

I met the delightful and ever smiling Ms Niciejewska [above] my former and much missed dentist here on the island who is starting the next phase of her life in Glasgow. Yes, Glasgow. Why? I can't imagine. Still, I made sure she is actually leaving the island by boring her to tears over a coffee in An Lanntair.

I stayed on in an Lanntair when Joanna [above] left me awaiting my next co-coffee drinker, the wonderful Coelynes, formerly of this parish who now reside somewhere south of here. In England as it happens. Was so very lovely to see them and I was triply thrilled by the sight of two prints from The Great Coelynes' portfolio which were taken in Stormoway. Love them to bits. And no they were not manipulated in the pooter.

Eat your heart out punters, these are now mine :-)

Pity about the p*ss poor phone snaps of them but I was keen to show them to you.

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