Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The next Jason Kenny

Many years ago when the world was a nicer place, the weather was better and everything looked rose-coloured I was working at the Manchester Velodrome as a coach for cyclists. I noticed one particular lad coming up through the ranks on his little yellow bike. His name is Jason Kenny and seems to have done rather well. I take no credit for this at all having very little input into his development, but I did know him.

Now I've seen a new Jason Kenny up on the rock here taking part in the tweed ride. Dan 'leica man' Macalpine and mum rode the event - help Dan clock up the over 200 miles he's done on his bike since Christmas. What a star ! Might have to wait a year or two till he grows a bit and to find hiss own Laura Trott but sure, it will happen. Trust me


Michael McNeill said...

The cycling is keeping me entertained - fantastic performances from so many home-grown lads and lassies. Laura Trott - just how does a wee slip of a thing ride like that? And yer man Jason Kenny was brilliant last night. I'm loving your set of snaps, too. Gold medal work there too.

Andrea Ingram said...

Thanks Sir