Thursday, September 29, 2016

Another stroll

I stroll most days as it happens. Most days the rain isn't horizontal anyway. The other morn the sun shone, the wind blew but it was a tad mildish. I found the Pentax P30 lurking on the floor so loaded it with old fogged HP5 film I have and enjoyed the stroll on a village beach [there are 3 here] and snapped happily way.

With crappy old fogged film you can snap at will, this way and that knowing full well it is probably all in vain - but the act of snapping is nice all the same.

Home again I sloshed the film in Bromophen paper developer and you know, it's not too bad although the snaps are kind of boring. Sorry about that.

I enjoyed the stroll though.


Michael McNeill said...

The Bromophen looks like it does the job pretty well. And the snaps are good...I can see a series of VanScapes coming up, much like the famous Binscapes :)

Andrea Ingram said...

Vanscapes you say 😊