Thursday, September 22, 2016

Are you still there?

Are you?
I am.
I hid in the darkroom for an hour or so and felt better for it. Must be the fumes.

These images are Conceptual. At least I think they are.

This is, probably, the state of my mind.


Roy Karlsvik said...

I can see you had a lot of fun in there, or the fix might have been on the rather worn out end...? Anyway, I like the crow and the old bulldog the most. The watery thing is a bit too wet to suit my taste fully, and your state of mind (lower right...?) is a bit on the complex side for me to comment. I think.
Bulltalk aside, they are quite impressive... and makes me wonder how it's all done.

Graham Edwards said...

Looks a bit like my soldering attempts used to look.