Sunday, September 25, 2016

Did I tell you about the birds?

Out there on the saltings, flapping about an all. Only this time they weren't flapping about. They were sat sitting and everything. On a little island in the saltings just oop the road. How dare they!

A fisherman came along - all rubber and gore-tex - waded straight through the water, flicked his string-on-a-pole at swimming fish as he stood in that there wet water. The fishes ignored him. Obviously.

I wandered up. flapped my arms in my best birdy impression so the real birdies flew up into the windy wind stuff. Oh, how I laughed. Laughed till I cried. Or it might have been the wind that made me cry. When I say 'cry' I mean tear-up sort of thing.

I snapped the whole scene up with my stealthy camera - a venerable 6x6.

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