Monday, September 19, 2016

Should Kenna come

Know Michael Kenna? Nor I but I know his images. Simple but stunning images made on film round the world. Shot and printed square - just small 6" x 6" prints I'm told. Has a particular style, much copied.

I am trying to channel the fella at the moment because Toots and I have made an 'agreement' to shoot a couple rolls of 120 film in our 6x6 folders while away o our next hols. Toots in Spainland, me on a boat in Scotland. Will be interesting. I shall keep you informed.

I took my self rejuvenated Perkeo out for a jaunt yesterday [ the double exposure prevention had jammed - again] in the wind and dampness - just so I could gauge its possibilities. Not printed yet but this is my Homage to Kenna in Stormoway.


Roy Karlsvik said...

What can one say? You nailed it again, and lovely it is for sure.
Really looking forward to see them squares, I must say. From the boat and wherever.

Graham Edwards said...

I used to find the square format (of the Rollei) quite a challenge.