Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Some people write so well on photography. Make sense and everything. I have for sometime been interested in an alternate view of the world through image making and when I came across  I knew I'd found plenty to read. I might have to get moving with my own interpretation of being.

In the meantime I shall show you my daily snap. I fell upon an old Ricoh 500g rangefinder in a box the other day. Not sure I have used it before. The rangefinder is dimmer than dim, the lightmeter doesn't work but loaded with Polypan-f it works passably well and looks "well cool" as I hear the young things say [or is it "sick" - I can't keep up].

Since the weather dawned fine - finer than fine actually. Clear skies almost and warm sunshine with a cooling light breeze, I had a short stroll on one of the village beaches. I took the Ricoh along for the ride. As it happens there was a photo-tour thing happening there. Long lens' pointing here and here, pixels flying everywhere. Nice peeps though. I think it might have been this man. No idea if he is any good but he goes to nice places and is very nice to chat too.


Roy Karlsvik said...

He obviously go to nice places, the chap, if he is to be found on beaches out west from time to time. And oh, you had this nice Ricoh rangefinder thing hidden inside a box without knowing it? I must say I'm very glad you found it in due time and put it into some very good use. I really and truly love the results, but then again you seem to get Gold out of everything, so I'm not totally surprised :)
And thanks for the link, by the way...!

gz said...

seeing things from different angles. A necessary action

Roy Karlsvik said...

Have been looking a bit around on the link, and there's a lot of interesting stuff there. It's not my cup of tea, to put it that way, but there's a lot of interesting processes and ways of doing things that is nice to at least know a little bit about.
But be careful, as myself at least still would need my daily dose of things seen through a lens, with the careful afterthought mojo added inside that darkish room over there :)