Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Chipmeister

There he is. That's the one I was telling you about - Callum the Carryokyist or whatever his bandette is called.  He didn't get out the way of my Kiev clunker 6x6 and I got this.

Yes, he played the event the other evening - and lovely it was too. The band, located in his flaptop were drunk. The lighting put together by Geoff Stear wasn't all that could have been desired but he battled through. So I am told. I caught his first two tunes then had to go to 'work' as I amusingly call it.

Mr Callum first came to my attention whilst he was whistling at his previous day job - down the back of the Coop. Now he's front of house at an Lanntair - and very good with it I might add.

1 comment:

Roy Karlsvik said...

Nice help to get a good portrait, that Kiev of yours.
If it cluncks half as much as the Mamiyas I'm used to, it will make some noise indeed.