Saturday, October 29, 2016

All Perkeoed up.

Look, I have sorted the Perkeo. Just about anyway. It's rather been prone to refusing to play recently; the double exposure prevention preventing even one exposure. Saves on film but somewhat defeats the cause of image-making. So, screwdriver in hand, I took the top off the camera and disabled the preventer. Works fine now. Just have to remember to wind it on after every shot.

So I finished off the partly shot film on the village, in the rain. Collecting the feel of the old place.


Roy Karlsvik said...

Just the same issues as my Nikon FE2 then. The double exposure preventer will not prevent anything anymore. I can easily just wind through the entire roll without doing one single snap in between. That would not exactly save film!
Nah, just need to keep things consistent and wind forward after every shot, and we should be saved.
It's good to see that the Perkeo is up running again. You get some very nice snaps from it, obviously :)

Keith said...

Takes guts to open a camera . . .