Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Cats all over the place

I had the great pleasure of chatting to this lovely lady the other day. The sun was shining, there was no wind and I dragged Toots out of his stupor to accompany me on this little expedition down Crossbost way. I've been down there before for a little stagger along the 'peninsula' - rabbits all over the place. Only this time with Toots in tow I lingered enjoying the warmth of the December sun on the little beach. Twas lovely. The sun glistened on the glassy water as an occasional fishing boat coughed by and seabirds flapped unconcernedly around.

Then I noticed the cats. And another finding its way back to the little croft house by the sea as the occupant emptied the car of her shopping and a potential feeding arose.

I know it's unlike me but I sidled up, passed the time of day mentioning the glorious weather quickly answering the usual question of 'are you on holiday'? "No I live here in North Tolsta" I said. She smiled and the little cat jumped on her shoulder. such a charming creature and there were seven more around the place. And countless chickens too.

Anyway, I asked permission and with her approval shot this quick snap with the Baldi 6x6 I had with me. I might even print a copy for the subject!

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