Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Don't forget

I won't. I'll remember.

I have a little talkette thing happening about my little blurry snaps.
An Lanntair Feb 22nd I think. Do come along. Please.

I would have thought about what to say by then. Something that sounds like I know what I'm doing and that this sort of thing doesn't happen by accident when I trip the shutter by chance. I can make up a story - it's the sort of thing one does at this sort of thing.
I might even do a bit of mime. Why not? Just as likely to make some sense.

And no, there will be no colour


Andrea Ingram said...

Have lost my marbles. Sorry

donnie said...

marbles are overrated...

Roy Karlsvik said...

Looks like I'm still off work around the 22'nd of February, so might just as well take a short trip over there and open my ears for an hour and a half?! Have a nice pint of beer and everything before I travel back.
Leave colours out of things, and I'm all ears :)