Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hebrides, Faeroes

Force 7-8 gusting 9 at times.

There was a wee breeze the other day. It accompanied the rain. You know, just a normal day. As it happens I wasn't feeling at my best so just had a small stroll to brush the cobwebs away. And they did get blown away along with the dustbins and the little P&S camera in my hands on this dull dull, wet and breezy day.

The sea was a tad rough too. I was going to snap up the sea but I couldn't see much through the rain - even on the beach. Trust me, it wasn't very happy and I was glad not to be out in it in our little boat Freyja. Or on the ferry !


yeractual said...

Just another day in paradise, I guess.

gz said...

exactly my thought, yeractual!!