Friday, January 13, 2017

Yes I know

Yes you have seen this place before and yes in snow too. But not through this camera lens combo onto this film / developer combo. Eh?

The snow, little as it is, arrived this morning coming down gently and apologetically as fishing boats anchored in the shelter of the island looked on. Wouldn't be surprised if the snow came because thos boats did.

So, dug out the little LeicaIIIa I have with Industar61 lens and ventured out. Like I do. Twas lovely. Met Mr and Mrs Batty, David next door in his castle, [he is very well since you ask] then The Crofter and Mrs Crofter tending the sheeps and finally Mrs UpYours the shoppe who is now safely back home after a wild windy trip to Glasgow to see/hear some modern beat combo with her son James. I might add here as an addendum that James doesn't look like the snap linked - he is all grown up and everything. How does that work?

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gz said...

Taking the same shot many times but varying what you use should help you learn many things.

Take care with the snow...we have an ice warning for 24 hours