Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Out to the peat

Since you ask, I don't cut peat these days. My health is not what it could be and Eve my lovely partner works full-time so doesn't have the time or energy. But I do like to wander the peat tracks of the area - scars on the heavily human modified landscape.

The weather yesterday was far from ideal - a cool wind blowing and overcast as well - almost a half hoolie if I'm honest. And trust me, I am. The idea had come to my wavering mind in the night that I must go out and shoot some film to finish a roll in the Hassie - so I did just that. The track I chose I've only walked once before. No doubt I've not been there often as it is inevitably very wet. Peat banks are usually wet and the tracks to them and through them reflect that. I picked my way carefully and found this old bit of heather which caught my eye. I shot it.

It isn't very interesting is it?

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