Saturday, March 04, 2017

Springs have springed - or whatever they do at this time of year

The sun came out to play yesterday. I was sat on my pal Gerald's wee boatee Ammonite in Stormoway Marina [sounds grand but isn't] the warm rays of the bright light on my back, cup of tea in my hands as we put the world to right. You did notice it was better today didn't you?

The warm spring-like weather brought everyone out of hibernation so my planned walk turned into a short stroll - in stages interspersed with chats with friends met on the way. The thing about living in a place like this is that there's always someone you know around. I think I had a conversation with at least 12 personages over the two hours of so I was there. And I got our boatee Freyjas' engine back from the mechanical paddling machine whisperer. Apparently, there wasn't meant to be just water in the gearbox! Who knew that eh???

The colour film snap above I took in Lisbon

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