Wednesday, March 22, 2017

You're wrong!

No, not another snap from The Birthday Stroll. Not a bit of it. Twas the day before. And the other direction from home. Totally the other direction as it happens. And in rain. Yes, did I tell you it can rain here?

It wasn't raining when I left home you understand. When I strolled past The Crofter's croft and everything. Hardly a cloud in the sky - apart from the ones that were there you understand. I was going out toward The Crofter's peat banks out beyond over there, where the sun was shining.

Lovely stroll in the force 7 breeze but then I noticed a blackening of the clouds a tad - out over the moor. Too bad I thought. Then the hail came, all of a sudden and everything. I hardly had a chance to scurry  under the branches of the tiny wood there. It eased as soon as it started so I started off again - until the rain came down moments later.

Bother I thought, shot a fence with a peat track in the distance and went home. Then the sun came out again !


gz said...

It was waiting for you!I

Graham Edwards said...

That's Lewis for you. I've discovered during the last 10 days that that's Glasgow for you too. Only we've had snow as well here.