Monday, April 24, 2017

Acid rain over Penguin Mountain

Made this Sunday morning thinking about dearest Eve as she was out cycling in the drizzle that was. And no, I didn't have bad dreams in the night, I just 'realised' this image as it were. Love this process as the images make more sense to my warped mind than most others.

Of course you need to have the details;
Penguin Mountain - imagination
Acid rain - bleach/sepia
PQ developer
Tetenal  fix
Shower gel
Agfa RC paper.


Harvey said...

I'm getting a Japanesey vibe from that one. No faulting your originality, nicely done.

astrobeck said...

I love this too!
Mind you I have migraines at times, but this is much more pleasant to look at.
This is indeed a compliment, though some might think it's a complaint....

Michael McNeill said...

There's definitely something here to stop at look at. Like the shower gel - could start a whole new genre :)