Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Over the top

Eve had the day off - so it was raining.
We took off for Harris to have a look-see at the new Talla na Mara community hall which includes a fine cafe as well as artists hutches and at the moment Geoff Stear's fine art on show.

The snap I took whilst stopped on the Clisham road o'er Tarbert end. The clouds were very shapely I must say. Oh how very lovely it was - especially when we tucked into the tea and cakes in the cafe. Eh? What's a day off for?


gz said...

Definitely worth a visit. Artists hutches sounds interesting.....

Harvey said...

I like a cloud that's forgotten where it was supposed to be, and Geoff steer's art is quite fine, I would make room for a few of those. Remind me to let you plan my days off, it looks to have been a good day.