Wednesday, April 26, 2017

William and Charlie

William is the one with the knapsack I might add here. Wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea. Not sure what happened to Charlie since this was 2011 when I shot the both of them with a Kiev60 [with a leaking shutter]. That was back in the day and everything.

I still have the Kiev 60 and bring it out to play when I am feeling strong and the light is low. It's a f2.8 lens - if that means anything to you - so it works well when the light rays are less than fullsome. Must try and resolve that shutter issue really as the lens is lovely. I mean, look at that sheeps legs. Eh? Lovely aren't they?

Just so you know how lucky we are to live here, the rain/sleet/snow is battering the window as I write, blown as it is by the gale that comes in from Greenland. Not sure the lambs are enjoying it at all.

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