Monday, May 08, 2017


There were elections there too.
Nice place to cast your vote I'd say. Near Lochinver, Assynt.

We had a day to jolly around so we went up the coast on single track roads to the Pie Cafe in Lochinver and came back on the bigger road. Right lovely day it was too. Past by a location of a Fay Godwin image or three.


Harvey said...

Very nice portrait of a place, that polling sign gives just enough hint of life and that hill looks like it was moulded by hand. Another grand day out. Just one thing, how many pies do you need to eat to need a bigger road to get home on? 😉

Roy Karlsvik said...

Seems to be spot on the route we plan for our next visit to these islands.
And I see now why we saved this til later, when time hopefully will be plentiful and there will be film in my bag to use on something worth the snapping.