Thursday, May 18, 2017

I went looking

I went looking for signs that James Ravilious had been here on these parts of  mainland Uk but came away less than convinced. No sign of a farmer with a sack on his head, a lamb in a tin bath or a field of cabbages.

I did see someone walking past some interesting hedge-type things, enjoying the sunshine and the air by a river.

A lane all by itself in the almost countryside by a sub-urban village bounded by clay soil fields devoid of anything edible by beast or man.

Oh, and sheeps in a graveyard enjoying the lush grass thereabouts and the sunshine on their backs.

Don't tell me I didn't look.

1 comment:

astrobeck said...

I love the sheeps one. Seems a good enough place to rest.

If you ever make a print of it, I would fancy one.