Friday, May 12, 2017

They are coming - soon.

We like bicycle races. We used to do them. It was my job for ten years coaching riders to do them. I like watching them.

My sphere of bike racing was track - velodromes and all that going round and round. You can see the race all the time - as long as the Erb in the seat next to you in Copenhagen velodrome didn't puff too much on the old socks he was smoking all those years back [when indoor smoking was allowed and there was a cloud of smoke halfway down from the ceiling on the building]. Only, I have enough of being inside for racing so we go off to see road races - Tours in the main - Tour de France, Vuelta [Spain], Giro [Italy] and the Tour de Yorkshire [next to Lancashire].

Road races are great as long as you don't want to see much of the race in the flesh. Luckily these days one can watch on the pooter or television . But going out on a hill with thousands of other aficionados is where it's at. The atmosphere is great cheering for anything that moves till the race comes by hours later.

I rather like talking to people so here I was in my element although the cool wind did rather mean most of us were hiding behind the walls to escape it. Obviously these days it didn't exist if you don't capture its happening on camera so everyone nearly was ready.

Oh, here they come.
Now they are gone!

Was it worth it?
Of course it was.

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