Monday, May 22, 2017

YOU know I'm right

Ooof, I'm still here writing posting and everything. Showing you me masterpieces and the like. Of course I've been writing less - we've had visitors and all. Family as it happens. Brov-in-law and wifey plus Jacob me nephew and his partner Lou over here from Bruxelles.

I took the nephew and Lou for a little look see on the island. You know the thing; an Lanntair, Temple cafe, Bridge Centre cafe , Mission House Studio, The Butty Bus with semi-resident tea drinker John Maher oh, and some beaches and what have you. Even the sun shone and they, the nephew and Lou threw a few shapes on Bosta as is their way as Ballet dancers. Here he is 'doing' a few shapes on vid although not all of the shapes. Obviously. He saved some for Bosta. The Bosta shapes [ 3 of them] might be in here somewhere too. Oh and here's a shape or two from Lou and Jacob in Bruxlles. They like that sort of thing there. Bit like an Lanntair really.

Anyway, with all something or other around the island i was inspired. Inspired I tell you so I shot this binscape which as it happens, I love.

Of course you'll all be wanting copies of thhat and I can, at minimal expense arrange that.

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