Sunday, June 11, 2017

Damp out the darkroom

The print not me, although I could be wrong about that latter thing.

Still on the pegs that help dry the print [on Agfa Record FB] flat against another. That's how I do it. I shan't show the other piles of dross I produced on the little sesh in the darkish damp room the other day. I won't.

I think I have trench foot. The darkish room floor was wet. Or maybe it is because I'm just out of a warm bath. Yes, it's probably that. Forget the trench foot thing.

The bed provided warmth too as I looked at the lovely work of Saul Leiter this morning. I mean, I may have mentioned him before but it is worth mentioning him again. His images are just sublime. You may have seen the lovely film Carol - in which case you may know his style.

He is, despite his use of colour, a fav photog of mine.

Is that allowed?

1 comment:

Harvey said...

I like Saul Leiter, I liked Carol and I like your man on a bike. I like B&W, I like Colour and I like toned and I'm not scared who knows it!
Glad the trench-foot thing was a false alarm. Have you considered standing in a bucket?