Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mr Bike

I met Mr Bike man at the Coop the Saturday. Lovely looking Moulton AM he was riding. Came over to get the papers [in the morning] but they don't come in till midday that day. He'd come over from the west side of the island where he'd been holidaying. Nice ride mind you - so he said.

I'll have you know that once, when I was young, youngish anyway, I took tea with Mr Alex Moulton in Bradford on Avon. Such a nice chap he was.


Graham Edwards said...

I've never really thought of small wheels for a journey that long. The idea of a drop handlebar Moulton rather intrigued me. I was going to say 'amused me' but that seemed a bit rude.

Andrea Ingram said...

Have a look at this

Graham Edwards said...

Well good heavens to Betsy. I've only ever seen flats. That web read changed my whole view of the bike.